Luxury Tattooer & Designer: MimziPMA

elcome to the world of Mimzi Po’Alima Makana Awtry.

Where creativity and a life long passion for tattooing meets unique artistry and a love for fashion design.

Located 30 minutes outside of Sacramento at The Skull Museum, Mimzi is here to transform your ideas into stunning visual stories—whether tattooed on skin or printed onto the fabric of everyday wear. 

See The Skull Museum located at 3932 Ponderosa Road, Shingle Springs, CA 95682

About Mimzi

“The moment I could hold a pen, the world around me became a canvas. Growing up in a family of craftsmen and creatives, I quickly embraced my artistic calling.

At 18 my journey into the tattoo world began. After honing my skills under the guidance of several industry masters, I now create custom tattoos at The Skull Museum and channel my creative energy into designing fashion pieces that carry my signature.”


Specializing in three main styles of black & grey tattooing:


Perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and elegance. My Fine-Line tattoos feature precise details, thin outlines, and soft shading, ideal for capturing the delicate beauty of nature.



Inspired by Art Nouveau and realism, this style blends life-like detail with artistic flair. Featuring natural and botanical elements that frame and enhance the central imagery.



Strong, clean lines showcasing a bold classic tattoo look, and deep semi-realistic shading define this style.



Begin your custom tattoo experience with MimziPMA 

1. Booking

Fill out the booking form or reach out directly to my booking manager at (916) 917-5589 to schedule your appointment.

2. Design Day

Arrive on time for your appointment at The Skull Museum to start the design consultation.

3. Creation & Care

Experience the creation of your tattoo followed by comprehensive aftercare guidance to ensure perfect healing.

    Beyond The Ink…

    The MimziPMA Core Values

    n every aspect of my work and personal life, I adhere to a set of core values that reflect my commitment to both artistry and sustainability.

    Positive Mental Attitude. A positive mindset guides my creative process, ensuring that every piece I produce is infused with optimism and purpose. This is one of my greatest struggles and my greatest strength.

    Endurance. and hard work are the bedrock of my practice, fueling my drive to continuously push the boundaries of what I can create.

    Minimalism. I embrace minimalism in my designs and my way of life, focusing on the essentials, the elements that speak the loudest.

    Organic Living. I am dedicated to natural and organic living, which translates into my preference for using natural and organic products both personally and professionally whenever possible.

    Sustainability. Ethical sourcing is paramount in my selection of materials, ensuring that every product I offer, from tattoos to textiles, is responsibly made.

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