Whether this is your first time getting a tattoo, or your tenth, understanding my process and having an idea of what to expect at your appointment will make your whole experience that much easier.

If you still have any unanswered questions, please thoroughly read the MUST READ section on the booking page or reach out directly to the booking manager at (916)917-5589

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Book your appointment with ease by choosing one of these available options;

  • Complete the online booking form to initiate your tattoo request.
  • Email the booking manager at
  • Call or text (916) 917-5589 to discuss your tattoo concept.


No matter your pain tolerance, the experience of getting tattooed is traumatic to the body. Take care of yourself. The day before getting tattooed be sure to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and limit alcohol consumption. This will ease your session as well as aid the body in the healing days afterward.


Arrive at The Skull Museum at your scheduled time for a direct consultation with Mimzi to finalize your tattoo design and discuss specifics. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing convenient for your tattoo placement.


During your consultation, you can present your ideas to Mimzi. Reference photos can be helpful to convey your idea, but are not required. Mimzi will collaborate with you to make your final design align with your vision as best as possible.


The tattoo session will proceed as planned. The number of sessions required may be estimated initially and adjusted as necessary based on the progress and response of your skin to the tattoo process. You will pay the remaining balance for each session on the day it occurs.


Receive comprehensive aftercare instructions verbally from Mimzi, as well as written instrutuons you can refer to at your convenince. Please follow the aftercare guidlines to ensure your new tattoo heals perfectly and maintains its beauty.

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