In a fallen world, the difference between a just and an unjust human is not whether they fail or not, but rather what they do when they fail. The characteristic of the just human is that they keep getting up again after each failure. In contrast, when the unjust human fails, they are comfortable falling into the same routine of failure.




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About This Collection

When I was in the beginning phase of my tattoo apprenticeship I painted ALOT. I was going through some hard times in my personal life and wanted to just give up on everything.

Art, drawing, painting, were all ways to express what I was feeling when I couldn’t find the right words. 

I painted the fighting girl with the words “Never give up” as a constant reminder that each day, when I wake up, I have a choice. And everyday I choose to not give up means I am that much closer to winning the battle in my head.

That is the reason I want to spread more positivity. Not the toxic or unrealistic kind, but the real, harsh, struggling everyday to find it kind. Have you been there, too? Well, I’m glad YOU are HERE now. Because I want to encourage you and everyone we know to never give up. We can root for eachother and  

My favorite feature on this shirt is the chest badge where it says “Never Give Up” in reverse. It’s a personal message for you when you wear it, meant to be read by the wearer whenever you catch your reflection.

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