Signature Styles

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. My passion for tattooing has led me to specialize in three distinct variations of black and grey tattooing. These styles have become what I am known for, however, I am always open to experimenting with new needles configurations, inks, and techniques to expand my expertise in order to enrich each design.

Delicate & Fine-Line:

Precision and elegance in intricate details and subtle shading, ideal for capturing the beauty of nature. This style utilizes the “Whip Shading” technique to create a more delicate look.


A blend of realism and stylistic elements, drawing from Art Nouveau, Digital Composite Design, and American Traditional motifs to create unique, detailed tattoos.


Robust, clean outlines with deep shading, inspired by American Traditional techniques, focusing on stark contrasts and subtle gradations in black and grey.

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